Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Noelle Stevenson: "Adventures of Doctor Flagellus Hurt"

For the past several months I have been following the life and times of Noelle Stevenson, possibly better known as Gingerhaze on tumblr. This illustration student from Baltimore, Maryland has captured the hearts of many with her often humorous comics and illustrations. She is also the author and illustrator of the webcomic Nimona, which I will probably cover in the future as well. Today I'll talk about her one shot “Adventuresof Doctor Flagellus Hurt.”

What I love about Noelle's work is that her style perfectly expresses human emotions and conveys her jokes with ease. Its simplicity brings a sort of childlike wonder to the reading experience, though her's are mostly not children's comics, such as “Adventures” which is very much a more mature experience. But the childlike delight is definitely there. In many ways, her comics remind me of Kate Beaton, only less history-oriented and more focused on popular culture.

The “Adventures of Doctor Flagellus Hurt” is the story of a little doctor aboard a pirate ship captained by a strong and fearsome woman, which whom he is in love. In the midst of a fierce battle, a conventionally manly man comes to Flagellus Hurt asking for some quick stitches before he can head back up to battle. When the man insults the captain, Flagellus has his little revenge, which perfectly describes the manly man.

I think one of the cool things about this comic, and Noelle's work in general, is that there is nothing that is superfluous. All of the panels are necessary to further the story, which results in a succinct comic. The strictly limited color palette really helps the pirate-y theme to shine.

If you enjoyed the “Adventures of Doctor Flagellus Hurt,” definitely check out more of Noelle's work, including her webcomic, Nimona.

Image copyright of Noelle Stevenson.


  1. Adventures of Doctor Flagellus Hurt by Noelle Stevenson is one of my favourite comic of her.No doubt,she always comes up with something new and funny.

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