Friday, September 21, 2012

Fan Comics: Sassy Gay Hawke

I'm a big fan of Bioware games, as I have probably made clear way back when in June when I talked about afan comic for Mass Effect. Well, surprise, surprise, I'm also a fan of the Dragon Age series. I found this little gem by Jakface a while back. It's entitled “Sassy Gay Hawke- Fenris Edition- Part 1.”

What I love about this comic is that it not only takes the Dragon Age series and pokes fun at it, but it combines it with the concept behind some funny youtube videos, which you should really watch before you read the comic, because that would just make the reference that much better. And although in the title it clearly states that this is Part 1, I have as of yet been unable to locate Part 2.

As always, it seems that most of the entertainment value in such a comic comes from recognizing the references. I would argue that the most important reference is Dragon Age 2. Understanding what the characters, and especially Fenris, are going through in this scene in the video game will establish a better understanding and familiarity than the introduction of the comic. The greater understanding allows for a deeper emotional connection with the characters and the game itself, so when you see the comic, it's funnier to you than it would be for someone who is not as familiar with the game it was based on.

The Sassy Gay Friend videos are also clearly an important part of appreciating the humor. It's really the combination of the game and video concepts that bring the humor to its peak.

And now I'll stop analyzing the references, because I'm sure that I've killed the joke by now, though I will say that the art is quite excellent and fits very nicely with the tone of the message.

But really, I do agree with Sassy Gay Hawke. Every time that I get to this point in the game I try to talk Fenris out of making such questionable decisions, even though he always disapproves of my actions.

If you come across any cool fan comics, or if you locate Part 2 of this Sassy saga, send it my way! Next week I will be reviewing and discussing Doomsday, My Dear. See you then!

Comic copyright of Jakface.

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