Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Escape from Planet Nowhere

I think that I read more fantasy comics than any other genre. Certainly I've read some pretty good science fiction comics, but I haven't yet found that one comic that I can yet proclaim, yes, definitely, this is my absolute favorite. So the search continues!

That said, I have found another sci-fi comic that I really enjoyed, Escape from Planet Nowhere. Created by Otis Frampton, Escape from Planet Nowhere follows a badass soldier in his attempts to get off of New Toledo, an ocean-less missionary colony (as in, another planet. In spaaaaaace!) that has come under attack by giant robots.

The art is really exceptionally done. A cartoony style that doesn't take itself too seriously and yet communicates the gritty and dire situation that the main character finds himself in, it is deceptively simple and a wonderful read. The action scenes are some of the best that I have seen in comics and the narration goes a long way to establishing a rhythm that supports that action rather than impedes it. 

One of my favorite scenes though, is not one of the ones where the main character is running and fighting the robots (though those are certainly really cool) but the silhouetted exposition scenes that explain how this soldier got to be in the situation he is currently in.

I'm intrigued by the story, as well. On page one, the soldier (still unnamed as far as I could tell) runs from a giant robot, proclaiming that this was supposed to be his day off. So what happened in that one day that everything went so wrong? How far has humanity expanded into the reaches of space if they have set up a colony like New Toledo? Who are these robots, or who built them? And why is our hero alone amidst all this destruction?

But here comes the problem. All of these ideas were introduced in the first thirty or so pages of the comic. But the updates stopped in June of this year, with no reason that I could spot. Using my handy-dandy detective skills I found out that the artist has been active online since, but I wasn't able to find even any mention of a hiatus on Escape from Planet Nowhere. My guess is that he is busy with his other comic called Oddly Normal.

It's unclear whether or not Otis Frampton will continue Escape from Planet Nowhere, but I think that even if he doesn't, it's still something worth reading. The story is interesting and already shaping up quite nicely after only thirty pages and the art is really fun to look at.

As for me, I will keep an eye on this one, in hopes that updates will resume shortly. And of course, I will continue my hunt for an absolutely kick ass sci-fi comic, so if you have any recommendations, send them my way!

All images copyright of Otis Frampton.

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