Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Death Mask: Act I: The Idea, part 3

So, last time I left off talking about Graft, the Extractor that specializes in near psychological torture in order to combat the rampant crime in the gritty future Mumbai. As a virtue of his occupation, Graft will be wearing a mask at all times. He is a mystery and the fact that you don't know who he is, is the very point of the story. But I felt that a character whose true face and identity you couldn't see would be difficult to connect to and stories are about connection. Enter some more characters.

Enter Andaria Kahje. She is a police officer and something of a tragic figure. Well, as you may have noticed, everyone here is really a tragic figure, but I'm sure that it will all work out or all of them in the end, right? Right?! Who knows.

Andaria is part of a special squad on the Mumbai police force that deals with terrorism. Her squad investigates terrorism in Mumbai and deals with threats. They are one part detective, one part SWAT.

And much to Andaria's dismay, they have to work with Graft to stop a terrorist threat.

Andaria is not alone in her dislike of the Extractors- many police officers don't like them- she's just a little more vocal about her opinions and a little more hostile. The officers call the Extractors, Death Masks because of their expressionless helmets. The police don't like them very much because Extractors operate as independent agents and they all answer to one man. They also pretty much torture people, which doesn't really endear them to the authorities.

As I mentioned before, this is not a happy story. Andaria is not the easiest person to be around but she is dedicated and a loyal friend. She also lost her left arm in a terrorist attack that took place a year previous. And if that wasn't enough, the love of her life disappeared during the same terrorist attack. For all anyone knows, he is just one of the thousands of nameless bodies.

It might seem like Andaria has a lot of personal investment in rooting out terrorism, but for her it's not about revenge, it's about doing the right thing and protecting people. It's been a year and her prosthetic arm just serves as a physical reminder of all that she has lost.

Secondary plot time!

Andaria's partner, Harjeet, encourages her to look for her lost love, and it works out well considering that they are still investigating what happened during the terrorist attack a year ago, looking for clues as to the terrorists plans.

So these are the two stories that intertwine in Death Mask: Extraction. A story of love and loss and morality. Well, I'm excited!

Here is where a lot of research comes in. I would hate for this webcomic to be blatantly unrealistic and inaccurate. At this point I have pretty much caught up to where I currently am in the webcomic creation process. Research, research, and more research. So it should be fun! If any of you readers out there have any interesting information, article links, or whatever, just send them my way! Stay tuned next week as I discuss where my research has taken me so far and what I have yet to learn about.

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