Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Death Mask: Act I: The Idea, part 1

If any of you have ever read my little bio way far away in that remote left hand corner, then you already know that I am an aspiring webcomics artist. I have been drawing for most of my life and I've been writing stories for a good long time as well. When I first stumbled upon webcomics, I saw in them a perfect blend of the two things that I love most: art and story.

Eventually I got the idea to do my own webcomic. I began to think of characters, their super complex back stories and the various shenanigans that they would get into. But this first idea that I had was going to be IT, the most beautiful and wonderful thing that would ever exist. It will be my EPIC GRAPHIC NOVEL. But not yet.

You see, then I thought about my artistic skills and how they don't match up with this grand vision I have, which is somewhat problematic. Well, out of this fear grew the notion that I should do a practice comic first.

Another idea struck me, one for this “practice” comic that I wanted to do. But eventually the ideas just flowed so well that this short project that was going to precede my EPIC GRAPHIC NOVEL became a sprawling epic of its own. New characters began appearing with tragic and complicated pasts of their own and suddenly it was no longer a “practice” project.

Naturally, the ideas didn't stop there. I currently have something like five graphic novels planned out (in this case, I use the term “graphic novel” to indicate a comic that has a cohesive story, not a comic strip). Or at least I have an idea for five graphic novels, not that all of these are all fleshed out.

As you can imagine, I had a hard time to figure out which story I wanted to pursue first. Each story was going to take a long time to tell. After much agonizing and lots of concept art and sketches for all these various projects I made some much needed decisions.

Firstly, I decided to save my EPIC GRAPHIC NOVEL for last. After I complete these first four graphic novels, no matter how long it will take me, only then will I start with this epic tale. Granted, if at any point I feel that I can proceed with my EPIC GRAPHIC NOVEL, I will do so after I finish up whichever of my many ideas I happen to be working on at that point.

And secondly, I decided that my first major work would indeed be that first “practice project” that I thought of. I call it Death Mask: Extraction.

I have already begun working on it, which is really exciting! Though I don't want to rush with anything, and I will take my time to tell all of these stories properly, I also don't want to be super old before I get a chance to finish all of these webcomics, so no more delay!

As this site is about webcomics, I will be writing each week about my own webcomic-making experiences and hope that you all can join me in the joys and the pains of this long, but ultimately rewarding process. I will discuss how I'm approaching this whole webcomicking thing, show you various concept sketches and art that I have done/will do along the way, and tell you what the story is generally about. But because I'm a stickler for avoiding spoilers, there shall be none! Or as close to none as I can manage.

And don't worry, I will still post webcomic recommendations. Not only that, but I will start posting them more frequently! So really, this just adds to the Webcomics, Yeah! goodness that you get to experience each week.

See you next week for Death Mask: ActI: The Idea, part 2.

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