Friday, June 22, 2012

Fan Comics: “[Mass Effect]: Perfect Understanding Comic”

In my never ending quest throughout the internets, I often stumble upon many amusing things. Sometimes these amusing things combine my love of comics with my love for video games. So let's now turn our attention to “[Mass Effect]: PerfectUnderstanding Comic,” a fan comic by ask-caesar-thepony (on tumblr) for an awesome video game franchise known as Mass Effect.

Set in an alternate universe, known as Citadel High, this one-shot comic takes us to school (oh the puns!) on the story of Shepard, the main character of the video game franchise, and the new gym teacher at Citadel High. This comic is an entertaining take on the video games in the style of shojo manga (the type of manga more geared towards a young female readership), complete with girls fainting over the dreamy gym teacher and blushing furiously.

And what shojo manga is complete without the sailor school uniforms?

I'm always interested in looking at fan art (fan comics, in particular) because when done well, it adds to my enjoyment of the particular property. Just the sheer amount of fan love required is always quite heartwarming. It's always nice to see how creative people can get.

Such things will ultimately bring more enjoyment if you know what they're talking about, in this particular case, the Mass Effect franchise, as the inside jokes are what make the comics appealing. But as with any fan art, there's also the possibility that new readers or viewers will be interested in checking out the source material for the fan art, which is a nice benefit as well.

On the artistic side of things for this particular comic, the bright, colorful, chibi-esque style suits the whole premise and typical shojo manga sensibility. Although it is a little difficult to follow the sheer number of speech bubbles, the overall effect works nicely.
There are plenty of other fan comics out there, which will get their due. After all, the world of webcomics is not restricted to only original stories, but tales of love for other properties as well, be they video games, TV shows, movies, what have you. Keep your eyes peeled for future presentations of fan comics, right here, on Webcomics, Yeah!

Images copyright of ask-caesar-thepony.

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