Friday, June 22, 2012

Fan Comics: “[Mass Effect]: Perfect Understanding Comic”

In my never ending quest throughout the internets, I often stumble upon many amusing things. Sometimes these amusing things combine my love of comics with my love for video games. So let's now turn our attention to “[Mass Effect]: PerfectUnderstanding Comic,” a fan comic by ask-caesar-thepony (on tumblr) for an awesome video game franchise known as Mass Effect.

Set in an alternate universe, known as Citadel High, this one-shot comic takes us to school (oh the puns!) on the story of Shepard, the main character of the video game franchise, and the new gym teacher at Citadel High. This comic is an entertaining take on the video games in the style of shojo manga (the type of manga more geared towards a young female readership), complete with girls fainting over the dreamy gym teacher and blushing furiously.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lackadaisy Cats

As anybody who has ever claimed to read or care about webcomics and they will all tell you that LackadaisyCats is among the very best- a must read. Eisner Award nominated, Lackadaisy is created by Tracy Butler.

Lackadaisy is the story of cats. And not just any cats, but the fabulous cats of St. Louis during the early 20th century.