Thursday, May 24, 2012


This time around, I'll be reviewing Sin, a webcomic by Drake Tsui, a freelance illustrator from Canada. Sin is the tale of a post apocalyptic world where the world is under a totalitarian government and the people are split up in a rigid class system. With resources becoming scarcer humanity faces a bleak future, unless something can be done.

The story follows two groups of people, one a group of freedom fighters with a mysterious agenda, and another, a group of outlaws, just trying to eke out a living away from the oppressive government.

The art of Sin is stellar. The lines are clean and the black and white scheme is crisp. This comic contains a lot of action, which is can be often difficult to portray in comics, but in this case is done extremely well. The motion and expressions of characters is very dynamic, making Sin a pleasure to look at. 

The story has promise, but it falls a bit flat. After twenty three and a half chapters, there is still very little information about the world. There is very little explanation in the comic itself as to how things ended up the way the are, beyond the fact that there was a third World War, and there is only marginally more information of the world and society. 

The characters are equally as mysterious. The shifting of perspective between the two groups is not the problem, it just seems that after this long there should have been more background revealed on the main characters. Granted, there is some back story for some of the characters, but a large number of main characters have remained just as much a mystery now as they were when they were first introduced.

 Behold: Zerus without a shirt. You did good work there, buddy.

I think the main problem with this comic is balance. Most of the story has consisted of battle sequences and very little actual narrative. What little information is presented about a rebellion that is taking place is actually kind of confusing, as are the motivations of the various groups of people that the story follows.

 Despite these problems, Sin is still a lot of fun to read. It is a comic with a lot of promise and I look forward to finding out more about the world and the characters that inhabit it.

Images copyright of Drake Tsui.

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