Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Black Sheep

It would seem that I really enjoy my creepy art and macabre comics. First it was the Zombie Hunters, then Badirfilay, and now Black Sheep, by Gadriann. I guess I just can't get enough.

Black Sheep is the story of Markus Butler, a mediocre private investigator whose life seems to be down in the dumps. He struggles to balance his job and his estranged family, who would say that he doesn't have a job at all. One day Butler gets an anonymous client asking him to investigate Rabbithole and he feels compelled to take the job. Between taking care of his young son (who thinks his dad is a failure), and investigating creepy rabbit dolls that mysteriously appear out of nowhere, Butler's hands are full. But when he falls into Holm (an alternate dimension perhaps?), Butler must face his fears and find a way to get back to his life and solve the mystery.

The most striking thing about this web comic is how well it sets up the atmosphere. In my previous post I discussed how difficult it is to create atmosphere, and yet this comic does it so well. Upon seeing the artwork, you instantly feel the creepiness oozing from the pages, which enhance the mysteries of the story. There are many scenes containing violent and disturbing images, and in this particular comic, it actually makes you feel creeped out of scared, instead of “This should make me feel scared, I guess.”

There are some comedic moments in the comic, though they feel to be the kind of comic relief moments that are heavily influenced by Japanese manga. The story so far is interesting. 

There is quite the mystery being set up, though so far, the story has not yet progressed much. Let's just say this, there is a lot of decapitation going on and I would really like to know what the purpose of it all is. With any luck, the next couple of chapters should shed some more light on the matter and tell us where this story is going.

Images copyright of Gadriann.

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