Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Black Sheep

It would seem that I really enjoy my creepy art and macabre comics. First it was the Zombie Hunters, then Badirfilay, and now Black Sheep, by Gadriann. I guess I just can't get enough.

Black Sheep is the story of Markus Butler, a mediocre private investigator whose life seems to be down in the dumps. He struggles to balance his job and his estranged family, who would say that he doesn't have a job at all. One day Butler gets an anonymous client asking him to investigate Rabbithole and he feels compelled to take the job. Between taking care of his young son (who thinks his dad is a failure), and investigating creepy rabbit dolls that mysteriously appear out of nowhere, Butler's hands are full. But when he falls into Holm (an alternate dimension perhaps?), Butler must face his fears and find a way to get back to his life and solve the mystery.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Higher Stakes: A Discussion of Medium

I often think that comics are the most difficult medium to work in. With movies, you have the visual element, as you do in comics, but you also have music. Music is one of the most powerful things out there and it can easily incite emotion, set up atmosphere, and cause “the feels”. Even the visuals in movies are highly sophisticated because they are essentially real life in that sense.

With books, you have the room to create worlds, and cause ties and emotions with words. But comics are at a considerable disadvantage here too. They just can't accommodate as much text.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Next Town Over

If you've ever found yourself craving a western adventure with a dash of steampunk and a pinch of fantasy, then Next Town Over is just the thing for you! Created by Erin Mehlos, Next Town Over is the story of John Henry Hunter, a wanted man throughout the west with some sinister magical powers, and Vane Black, the bounty hunter that is trying to catch him.

Next Town Over has one of the best stories that I have read in web comics. Though the present day action is about Vane's attempts at capturing Hunter, interwoven throughout the scenes are flashbacks, that show how things used to be between the two of them before Vane died and came back to life. Their mysterious back story is only a small part of these complex characters. They are well developed, and neither one can be truly said to be the “good guy” or the “bad guy”. Hunter is a criminal, but he seems to be just a bit more mindful of other lives than Vane, who kills or maims anyone standing between her and killing Hunter.