Friday, March 30, 2012

The Meek

This week's round of adventure takes place in Der-shing Helmer's The Meek. Started in 2009, The Meek is a beautifully and vibrantly illustrated web comic that follows the adventures and travails of three groups: Angora and Pinter, Emperor Luca and his family, and Soli and her sidekick Alamand. As war is looming, these characters are facing personal tragedies and pursuing their goals with lots of humor and many a serious moment.

Angora is a young girl who spends her time running naked around the jungle where she lives. She is on a quest to find her grandfather “at the center” and has roped Pinter in to help her navigate. Emperor Luca is facing personal tragedy in the aftermath of one war, with another one on the horizon. Soli is on a quest to kill her ex-boyfriend and with the help of 12 year old Alamand, she just might be able to track him down and finish the job.

 Angora and her non-moldy hair.
Luca, cheerful as always.
Soli, being chill.

The story is deftly handled, with each set of characters getting each consecutive chapter. It will be really interesting to see how all of their quests will eventually bring them all together. Humor punctuates many moments throughout the story, making for a delightful read. But there are also moments of seriousness- tragedy and danger. 

All of these elements are brought together with the sleek art work. The colors are vibrant, the lines are smooth, and the cartoony art style all result in a visually stimulating web comic experience. This comic is among one of the best illustrated ones out there by far and is a delight to read.

Though it is on a somewhat aberrant updating schedule, each update is well worth the wait. If you enjoy humor, bright colors, fantasy, stunning artwork, fantasy, and lots of questing (with some political intrigue tossed in for some additional flavor), then The Meek is definitely something to check out. Not to mention that there's hints of something sinister lurking about...

All images copyright of Der-shing Helmer.


  1. I think I finally found a comic I will follow. Everything from the art style down to the setting and plot have me interested! I'm an animal lover, an action lover, and a big family person, so this seems like a great mix of fantasy and all of the previous things that I mentioned. (Usually comics go right over my head or lose my attention when they're too out-of-this-world.)

  2. Ha ha, I'm glad! If you become interested in following the hijinks of the creator, she's (at least I think it's a woman) got a tumblr full of hilarity and sometimes some activism. You will probably be able to find the link somewhere around her deviantArt page, and the comic site should have a link to that. Enjoy reading!