Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Final Arcanum

Slightly awkward young sky pirate Acacitli (pronounced AH-KA-KEET-LEE) is having the adventure of his life in Final Arcanum, by Stephanie Stober. Stober began the comic in 2009 when, as a freshman in university, she finally took the leap and started her own comic after being interested in the medium for most of her life.

Acacitli flying high.

 In a world where the ships float on air, magic exists, and humans coexist (somewhat) peacefully with other humanoid races, Final Arcanum is foremost a tale of adventure. The story begins when Acacitli gets separated from his pirate crew and crashes his hand glider (hand glider/airplane/thing) into a church. Chased throughout town by unhappy citizens, Acacitli gets captured by bounty hunters and finds himself aboard the Siren.

The rules are surprisingly lax on this vessel, which works just fine for the young hero. He befriends the younger brother of the captain and everything is just peachy except for the fact that Acacitli is still technically a prisoner. And then there's that creepy guy Iver hanging around... Acknowledging that Acacitli is just a wayward kid and not a blood thirsty pirate, Captain Falkner Habersham, agrees to let him go on the condition that Acacitli help the Siren crew find a young woman, Lady Mirna, who was kidnapped by some other pirates. 

But political trouble is brewing too as the Kheman Empire looms ever nearer to the sky pirates...

What I love about this comic is its fun tale of adventure. It has moments of silly humor and a bright colorful art style that keeps the story light and enjoyable. This doesn't mean that the story is just fluff, however, as several mysteries and many a plot twist have been introduced. And there are hints of more political trouble on the horizon as well. Not to mention something more sinister and involving magic. 

 Grr... He's being sinister, right?

Usually the comic updates on Thursdays, but due to the creator's extensive course load in her final semester at college, she is taking a hiatus until May 10th, which means that there will be no new pages until then. But until then, there is plenty of story to read! If you like adventure, humor, magic, pirates, a tale of rebellion, and maybe even a little bit of romance, then I highly suggest Final Arcanum.

All images copyright of Stephanie Stober.

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