Friday, March 30, 2012

The Meek

This week's round of adventure takes place in Der-shing Helmer's The Meek. Started in 2009, The Meek is a beautifully and vibrantly illustrated web comic that follows the adventures and travails of three groups: Angora and Pinter, Emperor Luca and his family, and Soli and her sidekick Alamand. As war is looming, these characters are facing personal tragedies and pursuing their goals with lots of humor and many a serious moment.

Angora is a young girl who spends her time running naked around the jungle where she lives. She is on a quest to find her grandfather “at the center” and has roped Pinter in to help her navigate. Emperor Luca is facing personal tragedy in the aftermath of one war, with another one on the horizon. Soli is on a quest to kill her ex-boyfriend and with the help of 12 year old Alamand, she just might be able to track him down and finish the job.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Final Arcanum

Slightly awkward young sky pirate Acacitli (pronounced AH-KA-KEET-LEE) is having the adventure of his life in Final Arcanum, by Stephanie Stober. Stober began the comic in 2009 when, as a freshman in university, she finally took the leap and started her own comic after being interested in the medium for most of her life.

Acacitli flying high.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


More macabre than some of the previous web comics that I have introduced and reviewed previously, Badirfilay, by Nessa Ninona, has an intriguing plot and an interesting art style. Set in 1899 in a steampunk version of Barcelona, this is the tale of Mr. Valdemar and his sidekick Grim. They are members of a group called the “Mourning Order” who restore to life those who have died before their time.

I found this little gem on which keeps surprising me (pleasantly!) with its growing selection of intriguing online comics and mangas.

The story of Badirfilay (I have absolutely no idea first, how to pronounce this name, second, what it means, or third, why the comic is called this) is not yet far along, but I'm already intrigued. The story opens with a young woman mourning the death of her sister waiting for a certain pair of “doctors”. Said “doctors”, meanwhile, are at some freaky asylum, looking for a very peculiar patient. The woman that they are looking for is the source of their abilities to restore people back to life. After living for hundreds of years, without wanting to, she went insane after numerous failed attempts at suicide. Bright, happy stuff, I know.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Land of Lions

Land of Lions, by Cassandra Jean, is another little gem that like Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet, I discovered on MangaMagazine.Net. This site is really nice in that it collects together several different high quality mangas and comics together for the connoisseur, or someone who is new to the whole web comics thing. You have to subscribe to MangaMagazine, but the process is free and allows you to follow your favorite comics. It also gives you updates on your favorite authors and illustrators and lets you know when your comics have updated. Usually the comics update chapter by chapter and each comic updates about once a month, though this usually depends on the artists.

Now, Land of Lions is more of a manga than a comic. The difference, for those that may not know, is the art style. Manga is the Japanese comic style, though in this case it has been westernized, that is, you read it the way you would a book, from left to right, as opposed to Japanese manga which is read from right to left.