Friday, February 24, 2012

Power Nap

If I lived in a world where I didn't need to sleep I would be so much more productive! I would have all of my homework finished, and then some! Procrastination? Not a problem! Hobbies? I've got plenty and all the time in the world to pursue them! We spend a ridiculous amount of our lives sleeping and it seems like those hours are just wasted every day. Well, sleeping is no longer a problem in Drew Spencer's world.

In Power Nap, a webcomic by Maritza Campos and Bachan, in the near future, people take a pill called a “Z-Sup” and no longer need to sleep. Sounds awesome, right? Well, not for Drew. You see, Drew is allergic to Z-Sups, and he is in the minority. His life in a world of people who never sleep and have a lot of time to accomplish everything is difficult, to say the least. He works a ten hour shift and has a three hour commute each way. The only good part? He will never be unemployed because his condition is seen as a “disability” and so he can never get fired according to company policy.

While people seem to lead more productive lives, it seems that society itself is also getting more and more desensitized. Movies have started to consist of more and more explosions to get (and keep) the attention of forever perky people who no longer sleep. But there's also something fishy going on with the government and Drew seems to be the only one who sees that something's not right....

 This sci-fi comic is incredibly entertaining. Not only is the writing cleverly done (with several allusions to current popular culture), but the art of the comic is a joy to look at. It is colorful without being garish. But it's the movement of the characters that is the most praise-worthy. The gestures and body language of the various characters, along with facial expressions, are bigger and more expressive than real life, further highlighting the humor and utter ridiculousness of the situation.

The comic does not however, have a steady update schedule, rather it is described by the creators as “whenever”, but the comic is definitely worth overcoming this minor inconvenience. Another problem of this comic is that the navigation of the site is rather difficult, with no “about” page to be easily located, so new and potential readers might be a bit put off by this. However, if you can overcome these problems, PowerNap is a hilarious comic with an intriguing plot and a sci-fi edge that is sure to please.

Now it's only a matter of time before the Z-Sup is invented in real life and we become instantly more productive! But until then, I'm off to bed because it is already 2:15 am (even if the time stamp doesn't agree with me).

Images copyright of Maritza Campos and Bachan.

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